About ToBeDone Get the job. Get the job done.

TBD (ToBeDone) was created by three dynamic Omani graduates - Murooj Al Saadi, Rawan Al Hasni and Menna Magdy - who saw a need to bridge the gap between graduates and companies. They sought to create a one stop shop where job seekers could discover opportunities, and companies could find qualified, driven individuals for part time and temporary work.

TBD is a community that enables the youth of Oman to acquire skills and experiences; giving them the means to excel and prosper in their careers. The platform enhances Omani job market and reflecting dynamic nature of the job field in Oman.

Started with the support of Oman Technology Fund to study the market and implement customer discovery on the current market, the founders aimed to fix the problem of the mismatch in the market between graduates and companies. TBD believes that youth of Oman have enthusiasm and drive, and are capable of unlimited accomplishment with the right help and guidance was provided. TBD plays the role of a medium to enhance youth opportunities and exposure to the job market by linking them with suitable positions at companies.

Focused first on connecting with companies in Oman, TBD has been able to successfully acquire positions for Omani youth and are working towards increasing operations to do this on an even larger scale. TBD’s founders have been participating in conferences and workshops around the region including Dubai’s STEP Conference and further afield in Ireland, where they networked with other startups to great effect.

TBD was honoured to be shortlisted as finalists for Expo2020 Live 4th Cycle Competition, chosen from 4,500+ startups from 167 countries around the globe, and allowing TBD to connect with other cultures and companies with a view towards future market expansion.