TBD Blog 5 E-Learning Sources to Explore


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One of the many perks of the internet is the ability to learn anything anywhere! MOOCs, short for Massive Open Online Courses, have gained popularity over the last decade. Many universities and educational institutes have joined the wave to provide free or affordable classes in various subjects. Below is a list of e-learning sites worth exploring:

1) Edex:  

Founded by MIT and Harvard, Edex offers free courses from 120 world-renowned world institutions such as Harvard University. Classes are free and self-paced, and you have the option of obtaining a completion certificate at an affordable rate. Also, Edex provides MicroMasters programs, professional certificates, and online masters programs. 

2) Udemy: 

Home to over 150K courses, Udemy provides a wide range of courses without charge or for affordable prices. Like other platforms, users have the option of setting their own pace of learning. In addition to unlimited life-long access to course materials, and a technical certification at the completion of courses.

3) Coursera: 

Founded by two Stanford University computer science professors, Coursera offers massive open online courses, professional certificates, specializations, and online degrees. The online platform offers on-demand lectures from universities and companies in various subjects.

4) Rawaq:

Rawaq is the first platform to provide MOOCs in Arabic. Launched in 2013, the website aims to fill the gap of e-learning in the MENA region. The website provides a variety of courses, instructed by local professors in the region. 

5) Skillshare: 

Unlike the above-mentioned platforms, Skillshare does not provide MOOCs. Instead, the platform operates on providing educational videos while focusing on community interaction and learning via projects. In addition, Skillshare provides courses in various creative fields taught by industry leaders.