TBD Blog Tips for staying mentally healthy during this quarantine


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1) Limit your news intake 

Checking the news constantly can be a great source of anxiety and worry. Instead, the World Health Organization recommends limiting the amount of information to one or two specific times per day. In addition to seeking information from reliable sources and steer away from rumors. 

2) Stay Connected

Your inability to leave the house does not have to put an end to your social life. According to the NHS, maintaining healthy relationships is essential for a person’s mental wellbeing. Make sure to stay connected with your friends and family and get creative with it! You can try group calls, playing online games together, or even streaming content together.

3) Distract Yourself

This quarantine might just be the perfect time to try that hobby you have always wanted to learn. Or perhaps taking an online course. Whether it’s learning something new or just binge-watching an unhealthy amount of TV shows, do not feel guilty about the need to distract yourself during this stressful time. 

4) Help Others

If you can, help others. This can be as simple as checking up on a friend or donating to an organization. Check with your local non-profits on ways you can help.

5) Take care of your physical health

Your physical wellbeing has a big impact on your mental health. The NHS recommends maintaining a regular sleep pattern, eating healthy meals, avoiding substances, and exercising once per day. 

5) Practice meditation

Sura Al Muscati, Counsellor and Psychotherapist and Founder of Oasis of Hope Counselling Center, recommends practicing meditation:

“ Practicing meditation, and not thinking about the possible worst outcome can help you control your fears and anxiety.”

 Mediating can be as simple as sitting still, or you alternatively can opt for a guided meditation on Youtube or through some phone applications such as Calm and Headspace. 

6) It’s okay to seek help

If you are struggling with intense emotions, know that you are not alone. Feel free to seek help. Reach out to a friend, check out some self-help resources, or contact a support line.


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