TBD Blog Five tips for working from home


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1- Set a dedicated workspace 

While working from home, having a dedicated workspace can help you separate your work life from your personal life. Your mind builds an association with the workspace, hence improving your productivity

Ideally, you should aim for somewhere outside of your bedroom, if it’s not possible to try to not have the bed in view. And no matter what, never work from your bed! As tempting as it sounds, working from bed can lead to a disruption of your sleep cycle and you end up having a hard time falling asleep. 

2- Maintain a schedule 

Maintaining a routine can help boost your productivity. Aim to maintain regular sleeping and waking hours every day, in addition to assigning work hours and setting boundaries. This means, avoiding any work-related things after your “work hours”. Make sure to also include breaks.

3- Reduce distractions  

Distractions are everywhere! Sometimes it’s easy to get sucked into them. As part of setting boundaries, you should also aim to eliminate distractions during your designated work hours. You can schedule various breaks during your day, or if you keep getting sucked into social media you can try downloading Cold Turkey, a program that blocks sites and applications for a set amount of time. 

4- Don’t forget to stretch

This quarantine might have stopped you from going to the gym, however, you should not neglect physical exercise. The NHS recommends at least one form of exercise per day. You can find various workouts online. 

5- Make time for fun

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Make sure to schedule the activities that you enjoy during the day. This can be connecting with friends, practicing a hobby, or watching Youtube videos. Scheduling a fun activity can help prevent burnout.